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Some of you have been readers of my blog over the last five years and may have noticed I haven’t posted for some time.  I have been working enthusiastically on a project that I’m ready to share with you now.

I am excited to announce the publication of my second book, a novella entitled Going Back To Move Forward.  Unlike my first book, Voiceover…Sanity in the Age of Madness, this is a fictional story having nothing to do with politics or social commentary.
Here is a brief summary of the storyline…

Going Back to Move Forward is the author’s fictional tale rooted in his own childhood experience.  John Sponcia has spent much of his adult life comparing current life in America to the 1960s, a bygone era that he recalls as idyllic. He has secretly longed to somehow return to that time period, if even for a short time to once again experience a lifestyle he so fondly remembers.

In this novella, he is thrust back to 1960, arriving in his childhood neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York at his current age of sixty-four. He is faced with numerous internal struggles as he confronts his past life. Now, he is an outsider desperately seeking to reconcile his compelling need to return to an era to which he has been unwittingly transported. Each chapter chronicles this journey back in time, with a progression of events that results in a stunning climax.

The other way it differs is that all the profits/royalties derived from every book sold will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization that provides needed assistance to wounded veterans and their families. I strongly believe in this project and I hope that these donations will motivate you to purchase the book, and spread this message throughout all your social media outlets.

There are several ways to order:

Currently, this book is available for sale through two websites, either amazon.com or https://www.createspace.com/4863599 It is priced at only $9.95 plus shipping.  If you order from one of these websites, let me know you did, since privacy rights do not permit them to release buyers’ names to me. If you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine too.

The other way to order is to contact me via email @ johnsponcia@yahoo.com and include your postal address and a check for $11.95 (includes $2.00 S&H). (I will email my street address to you).  I will send you a signed copy from my inventory.  If you wish to pay via Paypal, I have a Paypal account so that works fine as well.

Either way you will be helping a most worthy cause and I promise you will enjoy this book for yourself, or as an inexpensive gift for that ‘hard-to-buy-for’ friend or relative.

Thank you in advance…I know many of you have been loyal supporters of my blog and purchased my first book. I hope you will continue that loyalty and spread the word to help me promote this current project.

Straight Ahead,



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